Supported sober living and life coaching for people with drug and alcohol problems

Haven of Freedom

A loving home free from addictions and compulsions

At Haven of Freedom we offer alcohol and drug safe housing to recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. Our clients are free to go to work, enjoy their hobbies and enjoy life to the fullest whilst we help to enhance their future with our life coaching and support. This enables them to achieve their dreams and truly transform their lives.

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  • Has your life been disrupted by problems that led you to alcohol or drug addiction?
  • Has this affected your friendships and relationships? Are your current relationships unhealthy?
  • Is your business or career going downhill?
  • Are your finances in a mess or do you have bad debts which seem to be out of control?
  • Do you feel that you have lost perspective and don’t know who you really are any more?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then please read on. What we have to offer may completely transform your life!

Our mission

is to help our clients recover from addictions and transition back into the community. Our services provide our clients with addiction free housing in a loving, caring and supportive environment.
This is a home of camaraderie, friendship, love, understanding and growth. With each other’s support, compassion and care, comes the deep realisation that they are capable of truly achieving the quality of life that they desire.

Why the need for Haven of Freedom?

Returning home from rehab or a detox center to your old environment, problems and triggers may cause great opportunity for relapse. Surrounding yourself with positive people and surroundings may help take away the compulsive habit for substance abuse, whilst allowing you to grow, flourish and move forwards with your life.

Our approach

At the Haven of Freedom home, we help to create a powerful and inspirational future for our clients. Our coaching helps in shifting their thoughts towards a new found positive, vibrant, inspiring purpose. This new focus assists in driving their actions towards building a bright, positive, successful future.

Do you experience a lot of guilt, self-loathing, frustration, anger, depression , self-pity, past relapses and/or other negative emotions regularly?
These are the things that can push you deeper into addiction and misery.


This is the best gift possible for someone struggling with drugs or alcohol.

A proven step by step process

We help our clients project their best aspirations and life long dreams.

  • Create a clear picture of their future by using powerful techniques.
  • All progress is methodically managed on a 5 year plan
  • Their self-confidence and self-worth grows as they achieve their set goals.
  • They will realise that they are capable of achieving the quality of life they they truly desire.

This practical, experiential process has successfully changed many lives.

  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
  • Year 5
  • Baby steps towards your immediate desires.
  • Achievement of your highest aspirations

If alcohol or drugs is or has been a problem for you or for someone you know call us now on: 04 81 81 FREE or

A complete personal transformation

The best life involves harmony between Health, Spirituality, Relationships, Work and Wealth.

We educate and guide our clients step by step, using powerful methods, on how to bring that beautiful harmony into their life.

What our clients say –

“I was at a stage where I couldn’t be left alone at all! The moment I’d get a chance I’d just go and drink. I had no life out of my drunken state. But living here I learned that the real life is when you are free and alive! I have made real friends here with whom I share this life with joy!.”

-Christy C

The Haven of freedom’s unique features

  • Affordable housing options in suburbs of major cities with easy access to public transport
  • Ongoing support includes – Induction into traditional yoga, exercise regime with certified physical instructors, individual life coaching with a certified life coach.
  • First of its kind in Australia
  • Positive, energetic and supportive environment.
  • Introduction to – Active lifestyle, Constructive action, Compassion and selfless help, Support for fellow kinsmen.
  • Compatible with all other addiction recovery systems.

What our clients say –

“Living in this home completely changed my life. Me and my family were going through an everyday hell because of my addiction. But I can’t even believe I was that person anymore! I now run an arts class which I absolutely love, I am healthy and I am completely out of debt. Above all, I share a beautiful bond with my family now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

-Brian C

How to join us?

  • Application can be made using the form below. Further assessment of individual requirements is made over a one-on-one follow up call.
  • A registration fee of $500 is required for an application to complete.
  • Co-habitants are chosen based on similar requirements of location, age-groups and gender.
  • There may be a wait of 3-4 weeks depending on the availability of houses for a location.

You can continue all other support. Our sobriety homes are not in conflict with any system, religion or therapy. You will feel completely at home.

Embrace a new Life – Apply Now!

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